A visit to the Parrot Park is something you should do at least once in your life

A visit to the Parrot Park is something you should do at least once in your life

This Theme Park has been considered for two consecutive years (2017-2018) by Tripadvisor, the Best Zoo in the World. It is worth mentioning that the Loro Parque has received countless awards and distinctions for its tourist quality. But, not only is tourism cared for, it has several certifications for its high respect for the environment, for its responsibility as a biosphere park and for animal welfare.

The Loro Parque will delight children and adults alike with its innumerable attractions and animal species from almost all over the world. You can enjoy the fun shows with orcas, dolphins, sea lions and parrots.

You can also enjoy its mammal species, always taking care of their natural habitat: gorillas, lions, anteaters, jaguars, meerkats, tigers, red pandas, etc. It has the largest collection of exotic birds in the world, where you can observe flamingos, swans and cranes. And finally, the reptiles: giant Galapagos tortoises, African tortoises, alligators and iguanas.

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Among the most popular and spectacular exhibitions in the Loro Parque are

  • “Aqua Viva”: Where you can watch an incredible show of color and fluorescence.
  • “Zen Garden”: In this incredible garden you will move to the Asian mountains, in the purest Zen style. You will feel trapped by its flora and fauna!
  • “Naturavisión”: Loro Parque is aware of the conservation of the environment. Documentaries are shown here, in different languages, to try to make visitors aware of the conservation of our nature.
  • “Katandra Treetops”: In this free flight aviary, set in Australia, you can enjoy the flight and song of hundreds of birds of different species from their hanging bridges.
  • “Planet Penguin”: It is the largest penguinarium in the world. It reproduces the natural living conditions of these funny animals.
  • “Baby Station”, where visitors are taught how to pamper and care for the parrot babies born in the Park.

Parque zoológico

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